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Information for International Patients

Medical treatment outside home country, especially for children, can be a challenge. The complexity of treatment, processes, alien language, all can be intimidating for a child, and family. To help the kids and family in the times of difficulty, we have outlined the process here.


Before Your Initial Appointment

Send the medical records, Xray and previous prescription to us by email at or Whattsapp at +9176783 03737.


The Medical team which includes Dr Shandip Kumar Sinha will review the reports directly and make a provisional plan of treatment along with expected duration of stay in hospital and in India.

The Provisional Plan will be communicated to you. If you want to consult doctor, you can book online appointment through website or here .


After treatment plan is finalised, our international financial coordinator will contact you to provide a financial orientation, explain the policies and processes for patient financial services, and answer any questions you may have. He will also provide you with a charge estimates for the expected treatment. It will include Doctors charges and hospital charges after admission. We always strive to make it as accurate as possible , but because of complexity of disease, sometimes it is difficult to provide exact charges. In these situations, an estimate range will be provided to you. We understand that most of the children had undergone multiple procedures earlier, draining financial resources of the family. Many a times, children are sent to us by crowd funding. So, we want to provide lowest possible charge estimate which doesn’t impact quality of care. This is only possible because it is directly provided by doctor/hospital.


Medical Visa:

After understanding the treatment plan and charge estimate, next important step is Visa for child and family. We will send the necessary Medical Visa Invitation Letter which is required in getting the medical visa from the Indian embassy/consulate of your country. The advantage of Medical Visa is the possibility of extension in case the need arises while treatment which is not possible with Tourist Visa (T). Attendants/family members of patients coming to India for medical treatment shall be granted Medical Attendant Visa (MEDX) co-terminus with the Medical visa of the patient.

Foreign nationals staying more than 180 days, need to register at Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of your arrival unless mentioned otherwise in their visa. We can provide assistance for same. Patients from Pakistan & Afghanistan are required to register within 24 hours of arrival with the nearest police station.


After you book your Flight ticket

The International Patient Team provides coordination for facilities like safe Airport transfers, Travel arrangements, Accommodations for Patient & Companions at subsidised rates near hospital, coordination of all medical appointments, International translators, Internet with wi-fi, mobile sim cards, lockers, shopping & recreational options and cuisine to suit your palate. Please communicate with them for same.


After you arrive in India

By now, your doctor will know about your arrival and he will evaluate the child and make final plan. He will order investigations if needed. Based upon these, final plan of treatment will be made. The international financial coordinator will share the hospital account details for transfer of money, for these investigations ( Like MRI, CECT, Blood tests etc. before admission) and consult. As these constitute small amount, most patient pay these directly. After final assessment, a final charge estimate is made and the  International financial coordinator will guide you in transferring money. We want all payments to be done by card or money transfer directly and discourage use of cash payment for things which cost more than 20,000 INR.


During hospital stay

As we are dealing with children, we want one parent to stay with child in hospital. Our team will take care of surgical aspect and explain the procedure in detail at the time of consent for surgery. Feel free to raise your queries with us.


After Discharge

The Child will be required to stay in nearby accomodation, depending upon complexity of case. A provisional date of return, so that tickets can be bought early, will be communicated to you.


Follow up

We expect the children and parent to be in contact with doctor over whattsapp or email, so that the joy of child growing, after successful surgery can be shared with him. It is also essential to identify long term issues, if any, developing in child.

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