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Anorectal Malformation (ARM) in Male Child

  • What is this disease?

    • Anorectal malformation is a generic term used to describe several types of anomalies in which anus and rectum have not developed properly. They may be born with either no anal (bottom) opening at all, small opening in the wrong place or narrowed opening of the bottom We usually classify them as “high” or “low” anomalies depending on the gap between the bowel and the skin. The bowel may be joined by a fistula (communicating tube) to another structure such as the urinary tract or the reproductive system.

  • How it is diagnosed?

    • The diagnosis is done by clinical examination mostly in new born period. Investigations like X-ray, prone cross table X-ray ,USG and ECHO are investigations commonly done in newborn period to diagnose the condition and search for associated anomalies.

  • How it is treated? 

    • Surgery is the only modality available to treat this condition. It is commonly done in staged manner in most of the males except a few cases with low anomaly.

  • When it should be operated?

    • The surgery is done after 24 hours of birth .

  • Are there other alternative methods of treatment?

    • Medical management is not successful in this condition.

  • What all I need to know before my child surgery?

    • Read the instructions

  • How is the surgery done?

    • In stages surgery stage 1- colostomy, stage 2- PSARP and stage 3- colostomy closure is done for most of males. Few males with low ARM  need anoplasty only. The pediatric surgeon will decide about it.

  • Remarks

    • For more details of surgery, contact your surgeon

  • Related Photographs and videos

    • Few photographs of steps done by me is given here for learning purposes

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