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Surgical Diseases of Children

Introducing “Surgical Diseases of Children” a  book devoted to needs of ”Pediatricians and Allied Specialists”, especially trainees , who deal with surgical problems in Children. It aims to help them in acquiring and refreshing knowledge, ensure success in examinations and also help in their future clinical practice.
The book had been divided into Ten sections with 55 chapters.In all Chapter, uniform format is maintained. The chapter begins with brief introduction of disease and is followed by clinical manifestations and details of investigations needed to confirm diagnosis. In management, deliberately, surgical operative details have not been discussed and more emphasis is on pre and post operative clinical management. Role of pediatric surgeon is also discussed in these chapters. The book ends with an appendix in which the equipment needed by pediatric surgeons for common ward procedures are given.

Author- Dr Shandip Kumar Sinha
Edition- 1st ,2020


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