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Pelviureteric Junction Obstruction

  • What is this disease?

    • This refers to a narrowing of the ureter at the junction with the kidney   causing a blockage of the flow of urine. As a result, the pelvis of the kidney enlarges. This increase in the size of the pelvis of the kidney is what we call hydronephrosis.

  • How it is diagnosed?

    • Antenatal scans, USG after birth, nuclear medicine scan and MCU in selected cases are the diagnostic investigations.

  • How it is treated? 

    • The options of treatment include watchful waiting to surgical intervention. The surgery is recommended for cases with significant obstruction, as detected on investigations

  • When it should be operated?

    • The surgery for Pelviureteral junction obstruction, if indicated, is done after 2 months of age in unilateral cases.

  • Are there other alternative methods of treatment?

    • In indicated cased , surgery is the treatment option. Otherwise child need follow up with regular USG, blood pressure measurements, urine and blood tests.

  • What all I need to know before my child surgery?

    • Read “All you need to know before your child’s surgery” information booklet in website. 

  • How is the surgery done?

    • The surgery can be done by both open and minimally invasive means. In both of these, the diseased segment is resected and the pelvis is joined with ureter. Most of the surgeons would like to place a DJ stent during the procedure.

  • Remarks

    • For more details of surgery, contact your surgeon

  • Related Photographs and videos

    • Few photographs of steps done by me and video link is given here for learning purposes

  • YouTube
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