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Information for Parents

Night Time Urinary Incontinence (Nocturnal Enuresis)

  • What is this disease?

    • Some 5–10% of 7 year olds wet the bed three or more times a week. The substantial majority who wet the bed have primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis and, of these, two-thirds are boys. However,it is important that they are evaluated for treatable organic cause, if history is non diagnostic.

  • How it is diagnosed?

    • It is diagnosed by history and examination. The clinical features vary from one patient to another. Some children wet every night, Some experience alternating spells of wet and dry nights whereas some children wet more than once a night.The time of wetting varies between individuals. Wetting does not wake the child.

  •  How it is treated?

    • Treatment, if sought, should not commence before 5 years of age. The options available are Rewards and training, Enuretic alarm, Desmopressin, Detrusor, antispasmodics and combination treatment.

  • When it should be operated?

    • It does not need operative intervention

  •  Are there other alternative methods of treatment?

    • Most of the Night time urinary incontinence (Nocturnal Enuresis)with functional causes is managed by nonoperative means.

  • What all I need to know before my child surgery?

    • Read “All you need to know before your child's surgery” information booklet in website.

  • How is the surgery done?

    • Surgery is not commonly needed for primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis.

  • Remarks

    • For more details of surgery, contact your surgeon

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