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Information for Parents

Umbilical and Epigastric hernias

  • What is this disease?

    • Umbilical hernias form when the opening for the umbilical cord does not closely properly so allow the Intestine to bulge out to form a lump.

    • Epigastric hernias form when tissues joining the muscles in the upper part of the abdomen have not formed properly and allow fatty tissue to bulge out to form a lump.

  • How it is diagnosed?

    • The diagnosis is done by clinical examination only.

  • How it is treated?

    • Surgery is the only modality available to treat this condition.

  • When it should be operated?

    • The surgery for Umbilical hernia should be done after two years of age, as there are chances of spontaneous resolution.

  • Are there other alternative methods of treatment?

    • Medical management is not successful in this condition

  • What all I need to know before my child surgery?

    • Read “All you need to know before your child's surgery” information booklet in website

  • How is the surgery done?

    • In surgery, a small cut in made in naval or epigastric area and the defect is repaired

  • Remarks

    • For more details of surgery, contact your surgeon

  • Related Photographs and videos

    • Few photographs of steps done by me is given here for learning purposes

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